Spring Service

As an important part of caring for your boat, Jerry's Majestic Marine has prepared a suggestion list for you to follow concerning Winter/Spring Care and Maintenance for your boat.  The prop repair, outdrive, and/or transmission repairs are items we feel are quite important: other items are within good care and maintenance guidelines for your boat. 

PROP REPAIR: Every winter, an expert from a professional propeller company inspects all the props with one of our mechanics.  Each prop is checked for damage to the blades and cracks in the hub area.  There is no sure way to check for out of round or out of balance unless the prop is actually removed and put on pitch blocks.  If we quote you a price on prop repairs, it means that repairs should be done.  If visual damage has been noticed, more damage could occur; vibrations and misalignment can cause possible damage to the outdrive/transmission and engine.  If you have felt a vibration and we have not suggested prop repair, please list it under comments or call us.  It could be a problem with misalignment and this should be corrected.

NOTE: The waters of Lake Geneva fluctuate as much as 24 inches in the course of the summer.  At certain times of the summer, the sand beaches, Trinke Estates and bridge at the Abbey Harbor can be very shallow.  When in these areas, boats with outdrives should go slowly and raise the outdrive slightly. 

OUTDRIVES: When we perform an inspection on your outdrive, we inspect the oil for water and metal particles, check the bellows, gimble bearing, U-joints and alignment.  If we quote you a price, we are sure repairs are needed.  If the quote was for seals, there may be a possibility of more work after we perform the inspection.  Also, if you noticed that your temperature gauge was reading warmer than normal, it could be caused by a weak water pump impeller. 

Mercruiser, Volvo, and OMC recommend the replacement of the seawater pump impeller and thermostat every two years or 200 hours.  Most major engine failures are caused by the engine overheating.  That is why it is important to have this preventative service done every two years. 

ENGINES: Over a period of years, our records show that engines and transmissions that receive preventive maintenance have less down time during the boating season.  Our tune-ups include:

ALL PARTS AS REQUIRED                     LABOR

Spark Plugs                                          Installation Of All Parts

Condenser                                           Clean Spark Arrestor

Points                                                  Check All Fluids & Belt Tension

Distributor Cap                                    On EFI motors we install an engine

Rotor                                                   Analyzer to check for service codes.

Fuel Filters                                           Check The Following :  Cooling System

In-Line Water Separator Filter              Charging System, Transmission, Minor

PCV Valve - If Equipped                      Carburetor. Adjustment, Timing, Lake Test  

ACID / PRESSURE WASH: We do recommend that any boat with an unpainted bottom, kept in the water ( not on a hoist ) be acid washed once a year.  This is done at haul out so we can inspect the hull and check for damage.  If your boat is bottom painted, a pressure wash will remove most of the algae but due to the reaction between the bottom paint and the acid, we are not able to get the outdrives ( if so equipped ) completely clean without ruining the surrounding paint.  Before applying a fresh coat of anti-fouling bottom paint to a previously painted bottom we must perform a pressure wash to remove all algae and loose paint.  On boats with outdrives we will acid wash the drive(s) to clean off algae growth. 

TEAK REFINISHING: There is no easy way or inexpensive way to keep teak looking good.  This is why most boat builders have reduced the usage of teak or are using no teak.  

Over the years we have tried many products to help keep teak looking good.  The first step is in the cleaning.  You want to remove the dirt and old finish without removing the wood.  Any cleaning product will raise the grain of the wood so after cleaning a light sanding smoothes down the wood.  The last step is applying the finish.  This is where we have looked for a product that can deliver the desired golden finish with the durability to last the entire boating season with no maintenance.  We use a product from the Netherlands called "Sikkens", it provides a protective translucent finish.  We apply three coats of Sikkens with only minor sanding between coats.  Without the extensive work to clean the teak, refinishing a Sikkens teak job yearly can cost sometimes just half of the original cost.  

FIBERGLASS CARE:  Most people feel once they purchase a fiberglass boat, there is no maintenance.  ABSOLUTELY NOT SO!  When first introduced to the boating industry, fiberglass was touted as a low maintenance material.  Over the years we have seen the effects of no maintenance, combined with sunshine, had on the once beautiful factory finish of fiberglass.  A haze will form first and then the surface will become dull and chalky.  With extended neglect the fiberglass finish will become unsalvageable.  Over a period of time a fiberglass boat and a painted boat (wood, aluminum or steel) require about the same care as far as cost.  Fiberglass, unlike wood, does not rot, but if it goes without care, you cannot take it down to the wood and restore it.  Fiberglass must be protected from the sun's ultraviolet rays which cause the gel coat surface color to break down.  After a number of summers even buffing will not bring the fiberglass back to new.  We have a package to help maintain a high gloss to your boat.  

The ULTIMATE FIBERGLASS CARE PACKAGE: After your boat is washed, we inspect the hull & remove any calcium and lime deposits if needed. Then a Complete polish with a marine fiberglass reconditioner or heavy duty buffing compound, followed by a marine grade wax, and we then detail all deck and hull fittings, polishing all chrome and stainless steel. The cabin and cockpit carpet is cleaned and Scotchgard is applied, canvas snaps are repaired if needed. If canvas needs sewing, there would be an additional charge. 

Also included in the FIBERGLASS CARE PACKAGE is an application that polishes and protects the bright work.  Over the summer you will find that your boat can be wiped clean, even those black streaks from acid rain wipe right off.  New boats can benefit from our COMPLETE FIBERGLASS CARE PACKAGE -- by keeping a good protective layer on the gel coat you can preserve the original gel coat factory gloss. 

NOTE : You can use a little very mild soap while washing your boat after it has been sealed.  DO NOT USE SOAP THAT IS ALKALINE to wash a boat after it has been waxed.  After a few washings with soap, your very costly wax job will, and I repeat WILL BE REMOVED.   A Complete Fiberglass Care protection is a yearly must to help prevent oxidation.

The BASIC DETAIL PACKAGE:  After the boat hull and deck are washed we remove any calcium and/or lime deposits.  The canvas and bimini top are washed.  Next the interior of the deck and cabin are deep cleaned including non-skid, carpet, upholstery, draperies, head liner, vinyl seating and windows.  Compartments are not included in this package.

SUNBRELLA CANVAS CARE:  When you canvas is new it beads rain water off the canvas.  Over time the coating on the sunbrella wears off and the canvas becomes less water repellent and can lead to mold under the cover on the vinyl and carpet.  Our canvas care package washes the covers and bimini top.  After the covers are completely clean and dry the factory water repellent material is applied to the canvas.  Note:  During the summer do not wash the canvas with soap or it will destroy the water repellent.  This service should be completed to sunbrella canvas on an annual basis.   

BOTTOM PAINTING: This is usually recommended only for boats over 27 feet.  This is due to the continued expenses of repainting.  Over the past years anti-fouling bottom paint has changed greatly.  What used to be very simple algaecides meant to protect the bottom for one year between sanding and reapplication, now are complex high performance coatings that release new anti-fouling biocides as the paint abates, (wears off).  With the application of these multi-season paints we have seen boats go three or four seasons between painting with only pressure washes in the fall.  Of course, these paints are initially more expensive, twice as expensive as conventional bottom paints, but you can see the overall savings by multi-season coverage's. 

BASIC SPRING CLEANING:  The exterior of the boat is washed and the interior is given a basic surface wipe down including windows.  The carpet is also vacuumed. 

TRAILER SERVICE:  We will inspect wheel bearings, lights, tires, and brakes.  If any work is needed we will advise you of the cost.  This is mandatory for all Valet In/Out customers on an annual basis.  

SPRING COMMISSIONING:   Reconnect all hoses and electrical systems.  Reconnect battery, clean terminals, check acid levels, charge and load test.  Run engine on hose and check fluid levels including engine oil, stern drive oil, power steering fluid and trim/tilt fluid.  Mandatory for all storage and non-storage boats.  

** LAUNCH WEEK **   It is VERY IMPORTANT for you to give us a launch week when returning your Spring Care Maintenance form.  We use your launch week as a guideline to schedule the work you authorize.  Even if you are not having work done, WE NEED A LAUNCH WEEK.  We require a three week notice prior to launching in the spring . 

ADDITIONAL WORK THAT YOU WOULD LIKE QUOTED:  If you would like any other work that we have not quoted you on please write them in this area.  We will call you with a quote as soon as we receive your comments.  

You expect the BEST from JERRY'S MAJESTIC MARINE and we continually strive


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