Annual Valet Storage Rates

Annual In/Out Valet Storage Rate

Our new Annual in/out storage package will allow you to use your boat early in the morning or late at night for a moonlight cruise.  Planning on using your boat a few days in a row?  No Problem.  Use one of our convenient hydraulic boat lifts overnight for that early morning wakeboard run, or get to your favorite fishing hole before sun up.  Getting back from dinner very late?  No problem.  Put your boat on a lift overnight and the Jerry's crew will pull your boat out the next morning. 

Your boat will be stored indoors on your trailer at Jerry's Majestic Marine.  You will be allowed one launch per day for the period May 15th to October 15th with the exception of July 4th which will be handled on a seniority rotation.  We will require a three hour notice on weekdays by 2 P.M. and a twelve hour notice on weekends.  Your boat will be placed on one of the shore stations in Fontana, WI on Chucks Lakeshore Inn Pier.  When you are finished using your boat, please return it to the shore station.  Jerry's Marine crew will pull your boat from the water and return it to inside storage.  Winterization fees will be billed separately in the fall, and spring estimates for engine maintenance, cosmetic work, etc. will be sent in the spring.  Call Diane for more information at 262-275-5222.

2017 Fees:
<23'   $ 5,250.00                    23'     $ 5,485.00      
24'     $ 5,725.00                    25'     $ 5,960.00
26'     $ 6,615.00                    27'     $ 6,885.00
28'     $ 7,130.00              

*maximum width 8'6"

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